Tring Local History Museum

The history of Tring and the local area

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About the Museum

Tring local history museum is located in a historic market auction office built in 1893. 

A chronological display of objects, images and documents guide you through the history of the town and the local area featuring those events, trades, pastimes and most important the families and individuals who have lived and worked in Tring.

The Museum is entirely volunteer run and entrance is FREE.

What is this strange object?

Visit the museum to find out
Tring Tiles

On display at the Tring Local History Museum are a replica set of what are known as “The Tring Tiles”.

These are medieval tiles, all discovered in Tring before being acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) and the British Museum.

They depict, in graphic form, biblical scenes of Jesus as a child.

Be sure to visit the museum to see them.
The Witch That Never Was

The story of Ruth Osborne

A book about the last woman to be condemned

to death for witchcraft in the UK near Tring.

Available at Tring Local History Museum


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