Museum Content
The focus is on the town and the villages around it, describing the lives of its people and the activities they carried out, the buildings they constructed and the events which took place.  

It involves not just historic artefacts but also graphics, paintings and photography as well as history-related activities for children.  Alongside core exhibits there are changing exhibitions and displays inspired by topical events and anniversaries.

Artifacts Storage
Tring Local History Museum boasts a collection of over 3000 items relating to the history of Tring and its local community. 

The majority of items fall into the period we describe as recent history 1800 – 2000.  These include a range of categories such as clothes, crockery, art, tools, documents, images etc.

If not on display these are stored in the Dacorum Heritage Trust facility in Berkhamsted and Bucks County Museum store at Halton. 

The collection is primarily a result of donations from Tring locals, however we also benefit from displaying objects on loan from other museums.  An example of this is our long term display of the archaeological finds excavated from the Roman Camp at the village of Cow Roast near Tring.

We have a special collection of items and information relating to the craft of “Straw Plaiting” which was once an important small industry activity in Tring.

We are always happy to receive object donations.  If you have something to donate please contact the Museum and we will arrange for someone to have a look at the object.  We cannot promise to accept everything that is presented to us but if it is of interest and relates to the local history of Tring we will be glad to have it. Likewise if you prefer to maintain ownership we can arrange a loan agreement for the period of time we are able to display it.