The Langham Place Lectures: 1872.

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Saint George's Hall, Langham Place,
the venue of many of Massey's lectures.

The London Illustrated News, 29 June, 1867.

A series of four lectures given by Gerald Massey at St. George's Hall, Langham Place, during 1872, as reported in The Medium and Daybreak:

  • INTRODUCTION: commendations and lecture programme;

  • FIRST LECTURE: "facts of my own personal experience narrated and discussed, together with various Theories of the Phenomena";

  • SECOND LECTURE: "concerning a Spiritual World in relation to the Natural World";

  • THIRD LECTURE: "the Birth, Life, Character and Teachings of Jesus Christ, delineated from a fresh point of view";

  • CONCLUDING LECTURE: "Christianity and (what is called) 'Spiritualism'";

  • CONCLUSION: programme summary and accounts.

Gerald Massey, from the Bookman, Nov. 1897.
Photographed by Albert Underhill, West Croyden.