Commerce & Industry
*A Highway Laid with Water:
a history of the Grand Union Canal

Gone with the Wind:
windmills and those around Tring

Banking Comes to Tring:
a history of Thomas Butcher & Sons

The Tring Silk Mill:
a history of the premises in Brook Street

Three Tring Industries:
Canvas Weaving; Brickmaking; Metalworking

The Miller's Tale:
memoirs of Ralph Seymour

The Tring Flour Mill:
flour milling, Tring's oldest continuous industry

*William Bethell:
blacksmith of Long Marston

*The Bushell Family:
boat builders

*3 Generations of Farmers in Tring:
the Wilkins family farm in Cow Lane

*A wonder around Tring Shops:
shops in the 1920's and 30's

*70 years ago in Tring:
housing improvements

*Tring in:
1839; 1855; 1869; 1874; 1890; 1895; 1902; 1908; 1914; 1926; 1937

from editions of Pigot's and of Kelly's directories for Hertfordshire