Tring & District Local History & Museum Society
Speaker Programme
Six times a year, on Wednesday evenings at 8 pm, Members are treated to an hour’s talk on an aspect of local history.  These are informal gatherings, and are usually accompanied by a slide show to illustrate the Talk.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are available from 7:30 pm and there is an opportunity to look at any materials brought by the Speaker more closely.

The venue will be the High Street Baptist Church. The main Tring car parks are close.

Visitors will be welcome on donation of £4 per meeting.

Wed. 15th May 2024
Annual General Meeting
The History of Tring Park School
Mike Hutchinson

Mike Hutchinson has worked at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts for over 20 years, and studied the fabric of the buildings in detail. Some members might remember his excellent tours of the School which many of us enjoyed. So he is the ideal person to tell us about the people and history of the School which began in the early 1920's and finally settled in Tring in 1945.

Wed. 17th July 2024
Leighton Buzzard in 50 Buildings
Paul Rabbitts

Paul Rabbitts is a prolific writer on public parks, the royal parks as well as different aspects of town architecture. One of his most recent books is about Leighton Buzzard and its architecture. He will tell us about the town’s most interesting, important and intriguing buildings and structures, from inns to churches, schools and houses. The town has many old buildings, each with its own story. We will learn all about the town’s fascinating history. His book on Tring in 50 Buildings is due out in October this year.


Wed. 18th September 2024
Bookbinding - an endangered craft
Liz Young

Why are books oblong, rather than square? Blame the mediaeval monks for writing their texts on velum made from sheepskin; the sheep's spine formed the spine of the book. Until comparatively recent times all quality books were bound by hand. Now even expensive hardback are made by machine and this is why they do not open flat.

Liz Young was in the last intake of bookbinding students at the London College of Printing 30 years ago. She will show beautifully decorated leather books from the 16th century, from the Art Deco period and examples of work by today’s designer binders. _________________________________________________________________________

Wed. 20th November 2024
The Role of a High Sheriff from Angle-Saxon times to the present
Liz Green

Our speaker has held the post of High Sheriff of Hertfordshire for 2023 to 2024. But we are getting double value, because she was also High Sheriff of the City of London for 2018-19. She will briefly describe the evolution of this ancient position, and what it means today. Liz lives locally, and has paid a visit to our Museum. _________________________________________________________________________

Wed. 15th January 2025
Local Ordnance Survey Bench Marks: What are they? How can we find them, why should we care?”
Frank Iddiols

On his website, Frank writes “I like bench marks. Fundamental, Cut, Rivet, Pivot, Projecting Bracket and Flush bracket BMs, you name then. I like them all.” There is no doubt that Frank’s enthusiasm will entertain and enlighten his audience. He is currently researching bench marks in the Tring area, especially for this talk. Frank is also a Master Carpenter and a Freeman of the City of London
. _________________________________________________________________________

Wed. 19th March 2025
Topic to be announced
Julian Hunt

Julian Hunt is well-known in the area for his knowledge of local history, and the excellent delivery of his talks. At the time of writing, he has not decided on the subject of this talk, but members will be informed well before March 2025. He is President of the Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society and has written many books about the locality. The audience will not be disappointed

Wed. 21st May 2025
What is Oral History?
Jonathan Kempster

Jonathan works in the Cold War & Late 20th Century section of the Documents & Sound Archive at the Imperial War Museum, and is knowledgeable about the value of oral history. He will explain what it involves, and would very much like to encourage more members of the Society to join the small group of interviewers in the Society whom he trained just before the lockdown. There is so much potential in gathering oral history for the museum's collection. Expect something a bit different!


All  meetings will be held at 8 pm at the
High Street Baptist Church, Tring.
Anne Gould & Gillian Simpson
Programme Secretaries
Tring & District Local History & Museum Society