Gerald Massey: Craigcrook Castle

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William Sterling, Esq., of Keir, M.P.

for Perth




                   I VENTURE to inscribe this book with your name: but for you it might not have been written.  It falls short of what I had thought to accomplish in my plan; nor do I print from any wish of mine to publish hastily.    But the truth is, I have had to stand siege in "Craigcrook Castle."    Surrounded by hostile circumstances, its defence has been a fight for life, foot by foot, and day by day.  Twice, also, has death been amongst the little garrison, striking his silent blows.  We are compelled to capitulate,—I trust, on no dishonourable terms; although we may not march out with all the pride and pæan of anticipation's triumph.

    I pray you accept of this second effort as my best for the time being.    In other years, God willing, I may win a touch more certain, and a larger reach, upon a harp of tenser strings.

                               I am, my dear Sir,

                                                 Respectfully yours,