Address to Emma Hardinge Britten.

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Human Nature

Vol. 5, August 1871

An ADDRESS presented by the Spiritualists of England to MRS. EMMA HARDINGE BRITTEN at her Farewell Conversazione, held in St. George's Hall, London, July 28, 1871.

Emma Hardinge Britten

    "DEAR MADAM,—The time has come for parting, but we cannot let you go without some slight permanent expression of our gratitude to you.  You came to us in a spirit of self-sacrifice worthy of the missionaries of old: you have been to many a messenger of the Most High—a Priestess whose altar is the human heart; you have been to others a prophecy in person of what humanity shall become hereafter; to all, a faithful minister of the religion of kindness, charity, and love.  You are known with admiration to those who have read your unpremeditated and unparalleled orations in print; still better known to those who heard them, vitalised by your voice and presence; known best of all to those who, having the felicity of your friendship, have also had the privilege of seeing you in private life; and where you are best known you are most beloved.  You have done good work amongst us, and sown some seed that will not perish.  Whilst Science in this country has only just shown courage enough to make its first authentic experiments by watching and testing Spiritual phenomena in the domain of physical fact, you have, by your inspired presence and eloquent speech, beautiful life and spiritual radiation of light and warmth, done much to raise it into the loftiest and most elevating form of a living religion.  Had you come amongst us as the advocate of a cause less heterodox and tabooed, your wonderful discourses would have made you a fashion to be followed by the crowd of what is called "Society," and you might have reaped a harvest of golden gains, but you could not have won more golden opinions, made more real friendships, left behind more cherished recollections, or carried away with you more fervent blessings.  Thanks, and Farewell.  We are loth to lose you, but our regret at parting is tempered by your own teaching.  You have helped us so much in realising how we are all one in the sight of God, and how the spiritual relationship still lives and works on when the hands unclasp in parting, and the temporary link is severed, that we cannot say farewell with the old distasteful feelings of sadness we should have had if still tyrannised over by the prevailing ideas of distance, space, and time.  May God have you in his keeping, speed you safely on your way, be with you in your work, and bring you back to us once more in his own good time.—Yours.


On behalf of the Spiritualists of England."