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Programme of speakers:

Speaker Programme

Six times a year, on Wednesday evenings at 8 pm, Members are treated to an hour’s talk on an aspect of local history.  These are informal gatherings, and are usually accompanied by a slide show to illustrate the Talk.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are available from 7:30 pm and there is an opportunity to look at any materials brought by the Speaker more closely.


The venue will be the High Street Baptist Church. The main Tring car parks are close.

Visitors will be welcome on donation of £4 per meeting.

Wed 21 March 2018                           Hertfordshire Policing History – from inception to today

                                                                  Nik Pringle

Nik Pringle will describe the 175 years of the Hertfordshire Constabulary, in a nutshell, including the history of the St. Albans City Police from inception to absorption by the County Force, and the story of the County's two notorious & incorrigible poaching rogues, the Fox twins. Nik joined the Hertfordshire Constabulary in 1980 and, together with Jim Treversh, wrote 150 years of Policing in Watford District & Hertfordshire County to celebrate the Force's 150th anniversary. A founder member of the Herts Police Historical Society & now Vice-Chairman, Nik retired after 30 years’ service in 2010 only to be sworn in as a Special Constable just 48 hours later. Currently he is Special Inspector in charge of Dacorum.

Wed 16 May 2018                               Annual GeneralMeeting

                                                                 Champneys – carrot juice or starvation?

       Richard Tregoning

After the AGM Richard Tregoning will outline the many different treatments given at this famous health spa over its 90 years, together with a brief look at the owners before 1925, including the period when it was the property of the Rothschilds. He is the Chairman of the Wigginton History Society.

Wed 18 July 2018                               Daniel Axtell – the Berkhamsted Regicide

                                                                 Murray Neil

Murray Neil is a Committee member of the Society and the author of The Washingtons of Tring. The talk on Daniel Axtell has a strong American connection. Daniel Axtell, a grocer's apprentice from Berkhamsted, fought on the Parliamentary side in the English Civil War. He was captain of the Guard at King Charles I's execution, which resulted in him being convicted of treason as a Regicide at the Restoration. The talk is set in the context of the Civil War and its aftermath, including stories of the fate of the other Regicides and of the Axtell American legacy. 

Wed 19 September 2018                   John Hampden and the Civil War in Bucks

                                                                   Wendy Austin

Wendy Austin is a member of the Society and author of a number of books on local history. She will describe the Civil War struggle in Bucks, with especial reference to local patriot John Hampden - his life, his defiance of the power of the King, and his death and legacy.

Wed 21 November 2018                     Inscribed to be honoured: Tring’s War Memorial

                                                                    Ian Petticrew

Ian Petticrew is a local historian and joint author of several books and research papers.

“Inscribed to be honoured” were some of the words selected by the Parish Committee in May 1918 to appear at the foot of the old English cross that forms the central feature of Tring's War Memorial. He will explain how so many of the Town's young men came to be involved in the Great War; with the help of war diaries and regimental histories, will look into the circumstances surrounding the deaths of several of those who fell in action; and will conclude by relating the history of the War Memorial. 


Wed 16 January 2019                         Watford Museum – a brief introduction

                                                                    Luke Clark

Luke Clark is the Collections Officer at Watford Museum, which is housed in the former Benskins Brewery mansion and tells the story of Watford past and present. The talk will give a brief introduction to the museum and the collections held, which include Watford Football Club memorabilia, Cassiobury heritage and fine art. He will describe how the collection is stored and shared, and outline future plans for the museum building..  


Wed 20 March 2019                            Historic buildings legislation and local case studies

                                                                    Rory Cullen

Rory Cullen is Director of Cullen Conservation, a Heritage Consultancy based in Tring, which he set up in December 2017 following his 15-year tenure as Head of Buildings for the National Trust. He is Chair of the Chartered Institute of Building Conservation, Adaptation & Refurbishment Faculty (CAR), which has set up the Heritage Certification Scheme. He will give a background of historic buildings legislation, then debunk some myths & provide some tips for anyone interested in historic or traditional (pre-1919) buildings. He will use case studies (including local ones) from the smallest vernacular cottages to the largest mansions.

 Wed 15 May 2019                                 The story of Halton House

                                                                    Trixie Brabner

Trixie Brabner is the archivist and tour co-ordinator at Halton House.  After briefly introducing the Rothschilds and their houses in the Aylesbury Vale, she will talk about Alfred de Rothschild, the builder and original owner of Halton House, and show photographs showing the house as it was in the 1880s and 1890s and as it is today. The presentation will also include an explanation of how the house and the estate became the property of the Royal Air Force.

All  meetings will be held at 8 pm in the High Street Baptist Church, Tring.

Visitors will be welcome on donation of £4 per meeting.