Violet's Family
Granny Baker
with 3 of her daughters
Granny Seabrook, Aunt Mary, Uncle George

Outside the cottages at the top of Wigginton ‘The Bit’ before the Rothchild houses were built
Fred Baker
Fred Baker
Granny Baker with Annies son Brian
Vi & Lettie
Lillian Baker (Aunt Till)
There do not seem to be many pictures of vi’s mother this is a seaside snap
Annie is the young girl on left
Nan Letty and Rose on Vi‘sWedding day
Bridesmaid Dresses , carnations , socks all salmon pink,brown shoes Blue Head dresses
Bride Dress & Hat Love-in-the-mist blue Bouquet: pale pink carnations & love-in the-mist,Blue shoes grey stockings Bridegoom grey suite & grey tie.
Letty :her own wedding to George Percival
Vi’s Dad, Jack,Reg Vi & the Bridesmaids
Lettie,Pete ,Dave & Gran Kingham
Pete & Dave -they just missed WWII