Reg's Family

Above ,‘Benny’Kingham in hat ,with his second wife Ellen (Reg’s mum died when he was born) Reg and young Jack.

In the RH photo the venerable gentleman is Uncle John and dad in uniform is a  picture inserted in by Uncle John who was a keen amateur Photographer
Old Benny looked dour but he was a real joker, here the boys   (Reg on trombone Benny on fiddle)and a friend, ape it up in a snow storm while young Jack and others look on . The legend on the side reads ‘The last hope of the unemployed’ (1909)
The shop in western road Tring judging by the Minerva engined motorcycle its about 1908 and so that’s Reg about 13 years old behind the bike ,background of this page is a hand coloured photo of the Halton woods by Uncle  John
Reg about the time he met Violet
Brother Jack with the penny farthing that stayed over the shop for years
Page from the shop book showing Bicycle hire repairs and sales January1914