Local Services
*Public Health comes to Tring:
the early provision of clean drinking water and sanitation

*Electric Lighting:
for Tring Church

*Socialle Securitie in Merrie Englande:
care of the poor

*Register Extracts - 1735:
from Tring Parish Magazine, August 1940

*Bygone Days in Tring - 1793:
from Tring Parish Magazine, April 1925

*The Fire Brigade:
history of Tring Fire Brigade

*Tring Fire Service:
in official jargon it's a Retained Service

*All because the Fire Brigade wasn't there:
the alarm bells had not been rung

*Medicine in Tring:
Tring surgery & medical practices - a short history

*Smallpox in Tring:
an account of the treatment

*Tring Gas Light & Coke company:
development of gas lighting in the 19th century