Crawleys Lane
Down this lane in a large family at blackberry time with a large basket in the pram with the latest baby,we went down there into the wood to gather kindling or into  the field on the otherside to gather mushrooms and when I grew up it was there I learnt to ride a bike,and later where Reg and I often went courting

When my sister five years younger than me had her baby we walked down there with the pram

When the second world war came I took my two evacuee boys down there each September to gather the blackberries then after 17 years of happy marriage I sat on that bank in the same lane knowing that in 1 month I would have my own much longed  for baby

And  later as I walked him in the pram down the lane one Sunday morning I looked up into the sky and it was filled with planes and gliders it was the day they went to Arnham, one glider broke loose and came down in the field in front of  us

As I sit here now I think about the parts this lane has played in my life how I had  skipped as a child ,strolled with my sweetheart ,now gone, and walked in a pram  with my son who is a father now himself