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Tring Market Charter 1315

Edward by the grace of God King of England lord of Scotland and duke

of Aquitaine to the sheriff of Hertford greeting.

We command thee on the oath of god-fearing and law-abiding men of thy

County that thou dost enquire diligently if it be to the prejudice of

Ourself or others, or else to the harm of any other markets or fairs of the

said County if we grant to Our beloved in Christ the Abbot and convent

of Faversham that they and their successors in perpetuity may have one

market in every week on the Tuesday at his manor of Tring in thy

County and one fair there in every year lasting for ten days, that is on

the eve and the feast-day and the day after that of the apostles Peter

and Paul and for the seven days next following or no.

And therefore that the Inquisition proceed on our behalf whereby these

matters may be performed without undue delay and in accordance with

this brief. Witness myself at King’s Langley 23 day of July in the ninth

year of our reign (by writ of privy seal).

Witness myself at (King’s) Langley 23 day of July in the ninth year of

Our reign.

Signed by Edward II

Tring Market Charter 1315

Tring Market Charter of 1315 - English Translation